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$GIMO, $FUEL and $YELP revisited…

Back on Jan 17th mentioned 3 pricey internet stocks:

$GIMO – FV = 39 now $36.5
$YELP – FV= 92 now $85

and $FUEL – which popped on the day to $65 of the tweet so missed the opportunity to buy, but now has pulled back to – now $48.
FV=$80 30% growth if valued 2 years forward.

Take a look at this company – AI On Big Data allowing Companies to improve the way they advertise to target markets….

The NASDAQ continues to go higher as the Cloud and Big Data companies help reduce costs and analyse the mass of data out there. But stocks are expensive – keep positions small to enough to absorb 30% to 50% loss.

$GOOG paid $3bn for a company that makes a smoke alarm and a thermostat??….

..Does seem crazy – even though they are amazing thermostats – but the idea of every day things we use being interconnected and controlled via the internet is gaining momentum and $GOOG have the smartest people out there. Another company $CTRL – control4 Corporation, was good value at $15 – but it doubled in 2 days!

With the NASDAQ climbing ever higher – was the NASDAQ boom in 2001 right but at the wrong time?

Popular (but pricey) stocks that could really monitise this potential growth in the internet of things, big data, mobile, social and cloud are:

$GIMO – GigaMon FV=39, Good Entry point is here at 30, stop $25. Network visilibilty and control traffic. 48% implied Growth.

$FUEL – Rocket Fuel FV= 75 – was up 13% yesterday. 95% implied growth. AI And Big data predictive modelling. May have missed the entry point one.

$YELP – FV=92 5Y Implied 100% – connects people to business. Also look for pull back to $70.

Above are high risk – keep positions small, if they are winners gains will be big.
2CentView has positions in $FUEL and $GIMO.