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3d printing valuations coming back to earth

3d printing – the technology which alllow you to design a cutlery tray exactly how you want it and then ‘print’ it …so you can have a compartment for small spoons at last! Is only predicted to have a TAM of around 5billion dollars …so assuming 20pcnt margin, and. 15times long term growth, the market cap of business is only 15 billion.

This is roughly the market cap of $ddd and $xone ….yet the barriers to entry are not that high $hp is apparently is entering the market organically which means so can siemens, ge etc.
So the valuation of ddd and xone seems way too high and like the solar industry valuations 3 years ago will come back down to earth.
Best of breed in the pure play is probably stratsys $SSYS…2centview is long $hp for exposure to 3d printing.
One exciting development would be creation of a business franchise from this technology as it is not practical to have your own! Cant wait to go into snappy snaps and order my own custom designed cutlery tray!

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