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$TSLA – MS increased price target to 320 based on ….

Tesla being able to produce 300k batteries by 2020 – Musk said he can produce 500k by 2020 and Musk tends to under promise

Elon Musk is amazing – a real live Iron Man who runs 3 companies and creates amazing products

2CentView has always questioned Tesla’s business model and valuation – how can it produce enough cars to meet the projection in its share price – the barriers to entry do not seem that high – BMW have just launched electric cars …… but the gigafactory adds a complete new dimension to Tesla’s business – it could start competing with traditional based methods of getting electricity in your home.

Like $TWTR you have to believe in the dream – and more importantly for $TSLA – Elon Musk – who is just the most amazing CEO out there right now…

2CentView now has a small position in $TSLA – TP = $500, based on the MS analysis.