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US Housing stocks – $MDC and $SPF starting to rise! Sector Fair Values…

#USHousingStocks have reported decent earnings, but stocks were not rising due prospects of higher rates – 3% !! this is still historically a low 10 year rate. $SPF FV=8.75 so take profit here around $9 if you got in around the 7.50 when last tweeted. $MDC – FV=45, tp = 37, so still has more to go. Now tapering out the way, the recent rally has seen the sector discount go to 0.

FV’s Below:

$SPF 8.75

$KBH 15

$DHI 22

$NVR 1015

$LEN 37

$TOL 31

$MDC 45

Average 5Y Implied Growth for the Sector 15%

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