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$TSCO(tesco) stock did not react to criminal investigation – – is now a time to buy?

When news of a criminal investigation hit tesco with stock around 175, the stock dropped a little but has recovered to 194 perhaps signalling that 170 was the bottom as outlined in last tweet.

According to Hargreaves Landsdown, Tesco was one of the top purchases by retail investors in the last month.

2CentView FV on $TSCO = 180, Yield just 3%, payout ratio = 40%, with an earnings recovery in 2018/19.
So do not see significant upside from the current 194 price.

Look to buy on weakness around 170 area if it gets back there, as there other opportunities which are better than Tesco right now – but you may need to wait for any significant capital gain.

$SBRY FV=225 Yield 6%, Payout = 50%
$MRW FV=190 Yield 6%, Payout = 70%