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QPP (Quindell) is there value in what is left? Sad saga comes to an end….

When you read through the QPP 2014 1H Annual report..

And See stuff like ‘Focus on Fundamental Cash Dynamics’ and ‘Revenue growth of ¬†due primarily to strong organic and synergistic growth’
You have to assume the rest of the report is also all bull shit..

So the 121m EBITDA number for the Professional Services division, if believed, means that it was sold for around 2.5x EBITDA …. this seems very cheap… but can this number be believed?
Focus on Cash Dynamics???? what does this mean – just show us the hard cash is or where it will come from….

Problem with QPP there is no clarity in anything – there should be a movie made about this company and how Terry hoodwinked experienced fund managers to invest in something doomed for failure – not just once but several times …

There is still a risk the sale does not go through – this means QPP will struggle to survive as it looks like it is running out of ‘Cash Dynamics’ – in which case it will mean a rights issue.

Is Telematics worth something? Could it be the start of a ‘Digital Solutions’ business …or this is more bullshit? All it is a device that monitors your’re driving..

As private investors we should steer Clear of QPP – there may be value with the stock at 139 but only the pros can know for sure – stick with Quality Companies with real cashflows!

$QPP crushed after ‘gotham’ research values stock at 3p!

First $BLNX then $QPP!

Is the London AIM Market full of companies who are basically defrauding investors by lying about how much money they are actually making?
Can auditors and stock analysts be fooled so easily and then be found out by smart professors or research boutiques?

This kind of thing destroys public confidence in investing in promising growth companies and has to be stopped by the regulators.

2CentView has always been keep positions small and take profits in these kinds of investments – which are both zero or very low cost core positions.

$QPP (Quindell) up 12% in a down market…

Tweeted last week the sell of after the results did not make sense – and it looks like we are not missing anything – it is just the equity market is not efficient and does not really have a handle on what the Fair value really is!

As the bears hit, it triggers other sellers forcing down the stock – then you start thinking – what is going on? What are we missing?

In this case nothing – it is just the demand and supply factors in an inefficient market! When the sellers get flushed out the true value of the stock starts to emerge. However, do stick to stops if the stock continued its drop from last week.

Stick with $QPP : FV=57 [ and that is conservative!]

$QPP (Quimdell) – stock trades down on good earnings and outlook…

Was expecting the stock to trade higher on a very positive (and long!) earnings update from$QPP…is the stock market just inefficient or are we missing something?

Company predicts higher margin guidance from 25% tp 30%, has strong cash position, and eps forecast of over 4p per share vs 3.66 forecast!

FV=57. Stick with $QPP for now – let the sellers flush out and wait for the stock to go higher.

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