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Poundland – you think you are buying a bargain these guy operate at 37% Gross Margin!…another hot ipo..

Missed….Call your broker and make sure you are on the distribution list for the next one!

$LON:PLND – Poundland Mar 2013 profit was 22m …. current price of 380 assumes around 30% growth rate over 5 years – which means growing the number of stores from around 500 to 1500 over 5 years.

Certainly possible because there is one in nearly every high street + international expansion in Europe,
With Gross margins at 37% i.e every thing you buy for a pound costs them 73p on average – means that there is a risk more competition (attracted by these margins!) could erode margins – cant be that hard to source some cheap goods and sell ’em for a quid!

It would have been nice to have some at the IPO price of £3….