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$GKP( Gulf Key Stone Petroluem)…if you made money $HOIL (Heritage), look at this FV…

FV=170 on GKP – Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

The company operates in 3 areas – Algeria, Kurdistan and the UK…stock has nearly halved since March 2014, and may be a speculative bu – but company does make money!

Buy here at 80p, Take Profit target = 150, Stop 45.

Quite, speculative (note recent civil unrest in IRAQ) so manage risk – but has a similar profile to $HOIL, where 2CentView sold out the core position following take over.

$LON:HOIL – Buy target hit after popping 12%.

$LON:HOIL – Heritage Oil FV=425, popped today 13% – dont be phased by that – as FV=425 so has much more upside room to go.
Take profit target 375. Stop 180

$LON:ESSR – Essar Energy 70p Buy target also hit but this trade now complicated by Essar funding low bid at 70p – so would avoid this for now.

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2 Small Cap Cheap to FV Oil refineries: $LON:ESSR and $LON:HOIL … worth taking a look..

$LON:HOIL – Heritage Oil FV=425, px = 200. If it can break 220, it could go higher towards the 400 level – look at 5YR Chart.Trade: Set Buy Target to be close above 225.
Take profit target 350. Stop 180

$LON:ESSR – Essar Energy in the FT today – ML advices clients to Buy. It could have a hit a support of after recent drop from 150 area. FV= 175.
Set Buy target above 70.

Take profit target 120. Stop 50.

Check out the charts.
These companies have decent market caps and make money.