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Happy 2014 from 2CentView 2014?…..

2013 was a great year for stocks. Central bank policies are designed to create real jobs as their benchmark is unemployment figures – if real jobs are created, then corporations must be doing to well to be convinced to hire – if the corporations are doing well then there is real growth and stocks will go higher. All that said, no-one really knows how the market will do in 2014 and finding bargains like $YHOO, $FB, $TCG will be harder but they will be there and YOU NEED TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!
2CentView will keep sending out recommendations – looking for 15% upside on low risk stocks with dividend yields and 25% upside on more riskier stocks – with stops which you should stick to just in case the it does go south! And some will!

Tweet 2CentView if you want to know the FV or a strategy for any other stocks you like. Remember, the next big thing maybe staring in you the face every day – so don’t send out stuff regurgitating what you get from news letters – but if your girlfriend or wife spots a new trend in fashion share it with us!

Here are a few (large cap) recommendations from the outset in different sectors:

$NYSE:$AAL – 40, 37, 19 [FV/PT/STOP] – current px = 25

$HPQ 35/35/23 – if they go into 3D printing especially! – px=27.5

$C 59/59/45 (px = 50) or $BARC 350/330/245 px=271
$PFC (petrofac) 1400/1400/ 1125 px =1220 3% Div yield
$AAL (Anglo american) 1500/1500/1200 3.9% Divi Yield

All the best for 2014, 2CentView team!