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Bad week for Buffett…$KO, $IBM whacked … and $MCD results poor..what should u do if you own these

We have spent the last 20 years being brought up on a diet of coke of burgers … now the the US has realised how bad for your health a diet of fizzy drinks and bread with processed meat in the middle really is ..

The trend is to eat mexican and Mediterranean food…and drinking just plain old mineral water…which is actually nicer than any fizzy or flavoured drink..

IBM is also facing a bleak future as you cant have a ‘5 year’ plan in the tech business…

Will Buffet dump his $KO and $IBM Stock – i think he should – look at the obscene amount of money the top brass at $KO get paid – even Buffett flinched!

$KO FV = 30 P/E = 19 on a stock which grows at 6%??
$IBM FV = 190 – although future EPS Forecasts are based on buy backs not revenue growth and the buy backs may not be sustainable

$MCD = 72

If you own one of these stocks SELL and buy the trend for the next 20 years
– BioTech, Mobile, Social and Healthy foods

@_SebMeyer – FV Coke vs Pepsi…..

$KO and $PEP trade at exactly the same 5Y implied growth rates of 16%,You could therefore argue that $KO is expensive, as $PEP is more diversified than $KO – but $KO has had some recent upgrades – they need new products – last product was Coke zero 3 years ago.

As for Shorting? I would ‘nt short any name in the US at the moment!
buy Deutsche Bank FV=53 instead