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Chip Sector gets whacked in terrible week for market – all eyes on INTC results

$MU, $INTC, $AMD and even $QCOM all get whacked on Friday following a warning on chinese order slow down from MicroChip.

$MU – Micron completely reversed a 10% gain to become a 10% loss in just 2 days – shows how the brutal the stock market can be!

Intel results on Tuesday will be key – they announced a great quarter last time has it really all spun on its ahead 3 months later? We will find out Friday.
A bad number could be the exist Visa for the $MU positions…
Although in the same sector, MicroChip and Micron serve different sectors.

$MU FV = 40
$INTC Fv=28 dividend yield = 2.8%

but after Tuesday that could change if $INTC numbers are bad.

2CentView has a trading position in $MU.

$MSFT – good results – is old tech dead? Some FVs of Old tech Companies

$HPQ FV=34
$MSFT FV = 30 – results show PC is not completely dead
$IBM FV= 200
$INTC – FV= 20
$ADBE FV= 75
$EBAY FV= 45 – icahn declared big stake.

2CentView picks are
$HPQ – only half way through a turnaround strategy being well executed by Meg Whitman – upside potential in 3D printing and a recovery in PCs as seen by Intel and MSFT earnings calls. Buy around $29 – PT 34, Stop $25.

and $ADBE – cheap to FV – but current price does imply 40% 5Y growth – but this is a good cloud play.Buy around $60 – PT $75 , Stop $50.