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Gold Bullls – read this….interesting chart..that may convince you to buy…

On google finance, chart the $GDX (ETF of Gold miners) over 10 years.Notice on 24th October 2008 the low point was $17.8 – this was a month after Lehman Collapsed.

Now look back 1 year. $GDX hit a low of $16.59 (approx same level) at the peak of the EBOLA Crisis.

It is now at $22.95 – and could re-trace the move from October 2008 to high $66 in 2011 – a potential gain of 280%!
History does tend to repeat itself – so if you think this year could be a good one for Gold don’t miss this trade – great risk reward profile.

One reason gold could higher (the catalyst) Europe still a mess with currency volatilty, record low bond yields, and hugely negative interest rates in Swiss – sure there are few more..

Buy $GDX Here at $23, Take Profit Target: $40 , Stop $14.

Or for less risk, but lower return (50% over 2 years) – look at the $GLD (Spider Gold trust) which actually holds the physical!