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US government data breach FIreEYE $50 target hit…

Suggested back in January to get involved in the cyber security space via FEYE

Fireeye is a speculative name as it is not set to make a profit until 2018…recent tie up with visa and news the us government may have data breach from the chinese has seen the stock surge…

Take profit here….unless you think the stock has more short term upside, but dont get too greedy…

2CentView has taken  the trading profit and retains a core position.

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$HPQ FV Update following earnings – stick with the trade recommended on Mar 28th…

Tweeted back on March 28th , $HPQ was a good buy at 31.5 with FV+35 + 2% Dividend yield + $5 further potential upside from the breakup and 3DPrinting.

Meg Whitman came on CNBC and gave an update on how the break up was progressing, and although pc sales remain soft, she remains bullish on 3D Printing, the additional value the break up will bring and the huge -not surprisingly – demand for cyber security solutions and their link up with $FEYE (fireeye). $FEYE surged to above $45 on that.

Meg Whitman is a top CEO. Stick with the trade outlined on Mar 28th – look to take profit above 37.

2CentView FV now =36 but there is additional value…in both the 3D printing business and the eventual break up of the company of about $5.

$FEYE(FireEye) on fire post results and Obama talk on Cyber Security…

Tweeted this name on Jan 13 2015 as speculative play in this hot space…

Since then Anthem a health care firm was hit by Cyber attack – who did they call ? FEYE!

Difficult to value the stock using the 2CentView model but consensus target prices now raised and target of $50 could be achieved. CEO David Dewalt says on CNBC he believes the stock is undervalued.

Every corporation and government in the world will take cyber security very seriously and their biggest threat – more than terrorism as who wouldnt pay for top secret information?

2Centview has a trading position opened at 39, looking to take some profit at 50

Still highly risky, stick to stops and take profits if they come

$FEYE (FireEye) – cyber atttacks could drive this stock back to $50….

FireEye had a volatile 2014 – rising to above $90 then back to $26 – now $35 as the a constant news flow on cyber security raises awareness and spending to solve the hacking problem.

Traditional methods of keeping out hackers are not working – FireEye has leading technology which identfies patterns rather than using fixed signatures – similar to what your bank should be doing, identifying strange spending patterns from your account and highlighting these to the security team.

THIS IS HIGH RISK though – they are not expected to make profit until 2017 and they will continue to burn cash this year and next.

Buy here at $35 , take profit target $50 stop $28. Keep position small – no more than 5% of your portfolio if you decide to jump in.