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$DLG and $ESUR updates – one is a buying opportunity…

FV Updates:

$DLG 400 (includes the 30p Cash) Yield 5.5% Beta 0.4

$ESUR 300 Yield 3.5% Beta 0.8

Pull back to 350 on DLG represents buying opportunity [just under 15% upside, with great carry]

2CentView has added a trading position at 351, take profit target 400.

Keep at least one low beta domestic dividend paying stock in your portfolio!

Post Brexit Opps: DLG and ESUR

2CentView likes these 2 domestic insurers as they offer great capital returns, share price growth and low bet [risk].

ESURE is now 10p higher than pre-Brexit at 283, but DLG has lagged a bit, dropping from 374 to 339 post Brexit but not quite recovering.

You should be long one these low beta names – low beta means they have relatively low volatility with respect to the FTSE100 – means you can sleep at night when markets are turbulent!

DLG FV = 390 yield 5% [ includes around 27p a share of cash]

ESURE FV = 270 yield 4%

2CentView has a core position in DLG with a trading position added at 345, target 390.

$DLG and ESure – stick with these boring stocks with great returns….

In times of market volatility, having low beta names with great dividend returns help smooth out the ups and downs of the market.

Direct Line Insurance has returned well over 100% in 3 years – and this is low risk!

FV= 420 on $DLG yield 4.2%

A slightly more risky name is ESURE, it stock went from low 200 to 260 and then back to 220 now back at 260 again!

FV=275 Yield = 5.2%

Stick to one of the above names – they are great boring investments!